losing faith

I AM SLOWLY losing faith in the United States. Not as an entity all together — it exists as various joined territories, with a more-or-less common language and some shared history. But as a centralized government that upholds certain shared principles, I am skeptical the state will continue. The Constitution is now 230 years old. That’s a rather long lifespan for a constitution. It has left us pacing around trying to uncover the hidden meanings in what a few men in the 18th century thought about certain issues. To these “Founding Fathers” has been ascribed near divinity. One must ask: is this any way to run any country? The impeachment trial is the same circus. The conditions for impeachment are vague. Anyone can stretch them either way. So in no way is any kind of justice served via this trial. It’s some anachronistic show. We have reached a point though in the Trump era, that the veneer of serving some idea of “the United States” has been openly abandoned for serving the executive’s personality cult. It’s no longer about “the United States,” it’s about Trump. And unless you accept that Trump is the United States now, and only him, then you run into a major problem. McConnell has abandoned his loyalty to any idea of the state and does the bidding of the leader. He does not work for the United States. He works for Trump. The idea of the United States is dying on his watch. The United States is mere dressing for the posturing of the leader. There is no “state” anymore, there is only the presidency, and this particular president. In the past, if we disagreed with the state, we disagreed with the policies of political factions. We disagreed with actors within the state, but not the core idea of the state itself. But now the very actors of the state, the most important players, are not respecting its principles. They have somehow had that crossover moment, as if the actor on a TV show suddenly looks into the camera and breaks the third wall. “Live from New York, it’s …

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