Estonia has a new minister of culture, and her name is Urve Tiidus. That’s right, her name. The former mayor of Kuressaare is a woman. Estonia’s cabinet now has its second female minister. While this is certainly cause for celebration, let’s not forget that women are the majority in Estonia. There are 689,000 women. There are 598,000 men. That’s a 54 percent to 46 percent split. Which, I guess, would mean that there should be seven female ministers and six male ministers, if you do the math, in an ideal world, in an ideal world…

4 thoughts on “54-46”

  1. Yes, but most sensible women look at male politicians and think “I don't want any of that”. Male politicians are, you see, obnoxious. They also play poorly with others and say rude and mean things as a matter of course.

    Trying to get more women in politics is a bit like saying: “Hey, girls, here's a club full of bullies who will pull your hair and call you ugly (in public!) on a regular basis – don't you want to join?”


  2. Yes, but that's why this is not a reminisce of a democracy anymore, but mob rule. These macho men were elected also by women. I think it would do good for this country if we had a female PM for a change. A motherly figure who, sort of speak , would step in an pull these misbehaving boys off the playground by their necks and say 'Oi, you don't do that to other children!'. That's what's missing in this picture, Estonias own Merkel. But who would it be? Miss Kallas is more of a soccer mum, Mrs Oviir maybe?

    Anyhow, things will not change unless girls step up their mark. I'm in principle against quotas, but if that would help to change the game, i might just put up with it.


  3. I suppose, why not. Who is she, by the way? The wife of late Harri Tiidus? Never really heard of her before.

    I also remember from my childhood a certain Valve Kirsipuu, or was it Laine, she was a firey cracker, wasn't she? Is she retired now? But you know what i mean, a strong willed female to really be able to muzzle the dogs. There's nothing wrong in having an aggressive guard dogs, but we also need to be able keep them checked and in line. Currently they're just roaming wild. And the neighbours are watching, and it's embarrassing. 🙂


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