I just happened across an ongoing online cartoon strip – Scandinavia and the World – that peddles in the same cheesy jokes about Scandinavians that one can hear on any night of the week in the student clubs in Denmark – “We’re like this, they’re like that,” etc. – Sweden is prudish and Denmark is more laid back and Norway, he just loves nature – Finland is brooding and has a knife, and Iceland is very silly – Estonia has featured in four comic strips since SATW debuted in ’09 – in each one, she is portrayed as wanting to get into the club, but being denied – “Oh, no, left out again!” – She has social aspirations, that one – The truth is that most of the Scandinavians are toffs, Dansk, Norsk, Svensk – they think the sun shines from their buttocks – the Light of Lego, the Illumination of Ikea, the Radiance of Rimi …


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