Has it occurred to any of the hijackers or knifers or hackers or exploding backpackers that the number one killing entity of Muslims worldwide is probably other Muslims? Or do they think it’s their exclusive job to kill themselves? How many car bombs have been set off in Iraq’s sectarian civil war, hundreds of dead, the perpetrators — OTHER MUSLIMS. And yet the fists are shaken at drones and stray bullets and Americans and Britons and French, because these legacy colonial administrators have obviously not taken their mandates seriously! There is this tendency among the Left to feel, deep down in the inner lining of their entrails, that while “terrorism” is abhorrent, it is somehow justified (or at least explainable) because of our neocolonial policies. Yet the unenlightened child minds of these exotic lands continue to murder one another, to even eat each other’s hearts. Perhaps the schism is not religious or political, therefore, but merely human stupidity, the cancer of all existence, period.

I honestly don’t know where I sit in all of this, other than being a bemused nihilistic rambler man. No, Mr. Cameron, your little task force isn’t going to solve a thing. Task forces, roundtables. I’ve got an idea, boys, let’s tie it all up in red tape. Stick the failure of multikulti in committee and kill it. As if it was a law! That’s what you get when you let lawyers run countries. O, Britain, incubator of sectarian violence. Norsemen and Anglo-Saxons, Romans and Celts, Catholics and Protestants. Everyone’s got his own justifying almighty. Here I recall an Estonian newspaperman lamenting EU accession many years ago. “If they let the Muslims in, we’re done for,” said sad-eyed he. But, Estonian newspaper man, don’t you see … we’re already done for.


19 thoughts on “multikulti”

  1. Really, in my innermost heart I feel that terrorism is justified? Are you getting what we call here the “Halla-aho bug”? I don't exactly discern a very coherent argument in your post but whatever there is to be discerned doesn't seem to be of an especially encouraging nature…


  2. There is a pseudoreligious quality to these debates that needs to be discredited, Slender. It's the 'reap what we sow' idea. Some absolutely see terrorism as the equivalent of a nasty venereal disease we could have avoided if we hadn't done X.


  3. I seriously dislike the term “multikulti”, people who use it in Estonia are, well, peasant stock. Word is “multikultuursus”, and it is a fact that all of us have ancestors who we today would consider foreign. So what?

    Problem does not lie in Islam, but the right wing extremists who use Islam as a shield do get on with their evil deeds. Many moderate Muslims actually claim that their whole civilization has been hijacked by the nutters to the right. Conservativism and Orthodoxy always sells. All you need is a little bit of chaos, and off the looniebins go. Power mad nutjobs have used this technique throughout history.

    The far right is rising it's head in Estonia, too. And I for one can't understand it. Why? We don't have half the problems that Britain is facing, for example. Yet, here we are.

    Trouble is brewing right across the continent. I felt really heartfelt when the EDL was confronting a mosque in Essex, shouting their racist abuse and whatnot. But what did the people at the mosque do? They made tea and biscuits. It all calmed down and people talked. Here's the solution – people need to be able to talk to each other. You can't do that if environment is full of hatered and negativity.

    Quite a provocative post, mind you.


  4. But whats his motif to think so? He's deffo not speaking from experience, so from where is this coming from?

    When I went to school we only had one black kid in our school, I doubt very much that he has had much more exposure while growing up. So if it's not what you have experienced, then it must be something that you have been told, or been brought up in a certain way. Would that not be logical? Or am I missing something?

    Above all I support freedom of speech. I think in this country we have achieved this balance, where you can have your political views, express them, and be forgotten about. I know it sounds disgusting, but in Estonia you can be racist, homophobic, deny holocaust, be a Russophobe, be Anti-Estonian, deny occupation, be an idiot – be the hell you want to be, they're not gonna put you away. And it does scare me sometimes that all these people could potentially live just down the road from my house, but the silver lining is – I am also able to be myself. Express my views on things, and that's cool. Isn't it?


  5. But that's exactly what I mean. He is not Swedish, and this is not Sweden! If they want to ban blacks, then that's their problem really. It has nothing to do with Helme or Estonia. When the Russians smashed up Tallinn, where was he then? That's right, Russians are a bit too close to home. it's easy to bash foreigners who aren't in the position to defend themselves. And that makes him a coward.


  6. That coward point is a valid one, Marko. Where were all these so called Estonian nazis and skinheads (Russian propaganda likes to toot about) to defend the fatherland?

    In a bar somewhere, talking tough behind beersteins?

    Sweden has their own neonazis … so why did they not oppose the “blacks” and reign them in? Do something good for the society for a change?



  7. We should not exaggerate. It's not like the whole immigrant community was rioting in Sweden (the riots where also not so serious as those in France or England). Not that there are no serious problems with migration policies in certain Western European countries. I don't see the benefits of importing an underclass, except for feeling moraly superior.


  8. I am actually somewhat glad that the fault lines are hardening. Eventually, after all the dust settles and blood has been washed from the streets, it will bring order and clarity to what is what and who is who, and where.

    It's awful. Of course. But it will happen.

    New era is dawning. New awareness. Birth is always bloody and violent. No need to resist it.


  9. My god, liivimaalane hobune, planning to play Chopin in the ruins? What is probably messily happening is not shown in the first pages of the corrupt tabloid press or on Fox Network or on Gates of Vienna – the emancipation is still going forward in the West and the West is still showing that you can succeed by openness and debate.

    What is messily happening on the grass roots level are not riots but slow uneven and unpredictable accommodation and assimilation. As is to be expected and as is happening also in the US.

    Giustino, too much time in the nationalist, parochial Europe? Multikulti indeed…


  10. OMG, by that logic Cold War followed same principles. Or the German expansion during WW2. Truth is a lot simpler. Right wing politicians with their draconian and sinister policies have turned Muslim World into turmoil. Millions are fleeing. Only “clash” there actually is, is that, well, we're not that right wing anymore. And that drives their autocratic leaders up the wall – the alleged enemy isn't all that interested anymore.
    LPR, Muslims have got moderate and liberal politicians too, if you didn't know that. They're just suffocated by their regimes, just like Stalin, Hitler and Päts used to suppress their opponents.


  11. I take you don't know many muslims. They're still people, like the rest of us. I think that in Estonia and in Britain they represent a really good minority community. I've known Muslim people from both countries, and they're alright. Couldn't give two shits about what one self proclaimed “historian” thinks on how we should allegedly be getting on. People just get on, or they don't. Muslim, Christian, whatever.

    Islam is not fascist, just like Estonians are not fascist. We call it bigotry when you apply certain views or stereotypes to the whole race, religion or country.

    Are you a biggot, LPR?


  12. It's eye for an eye. I am just as bigoted as muslims are toward non-muslims.

    One would never know what I really think when dealing with me in person. And yes, me too, I have muslim “friends”. LOL

    Friends. We are all such friends, are we not?


  13. Marko, you got one hell of a effective diversity training program at your place of employment, I gotta say.

    You are so ready to “turn the other cheek”.

    Truth be told …I admire and envy innocence. I am not making fun of it. It is sad that one day you will lose it.

    I was once like you too.

    I know how it goes.


  14. Because I've actually lived among very diverse communities and draw my conclusions from real life. But I still believe that one should be able to call a spade a spade.

    Look, do we have a problem with Muslims in this country? No. So that means that having Muslim migrants does not pose a threat to our way of living. Whereas in Sweden there's a real issue there. So, maybe it's the Swedes themselves who are to blame. Ever thought of that?


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