a little of that, a little of this

Is Estonia a very conservative country or a very liberal country? I cannot tell. Conservative, yes, conservative about language and about eating habits and about not whistling in houses (or else they’ll burn!), but also liberal, yes, liberal as in having three children with three different men, none of whom have ever lived with you, none of whom have ever seen their offspring {and may not even be aware they exist, and you may not even know their last names} BUT … Hush! Do not speak of such things! Because Estonia is a conservative place, where such things are not spoken of. Estonian gender roles are fixed and rigid and permeable and porous, even gaseous … Consider: Härra Giustino’s critique of Estonian men and their “golden hands” is actually a shrouded criticism of bimboland’s wannabe Marilyn Monroe wimmin who are just {sigh} so dainty and {sigh} ladylike that they {sigh} can’t be bothered with turning a screw three times clockwise … That’s MAN’S work, and besides, I just got my nails done!!! And yet there they are, the Estonian wimmin, stooping down in the dirt with all of those potatoes … “Hey, pass the, uh, Sovetskoye Shampanskoye … That’s what’s so great about talgud, you know … *hiccup* you get to work in the outdoors [wipes sweat from face with dirty dirt-soiled hand] and get sun on your face and …gluglugglug … Hey, give me another sip of that wouldya?” Oh, Estonia, land of contrasts, land of flat taxation and state-run healthcare system, a little of this, a little of that, a little of that, a little of this …

54 thoughts on “a little of that, a little of this

  1. That's it, mate. You can't have your cake and eat it. And if some people, like the redneck community (do they even consider themselves a community? I mean there are shared values, checkered shirts etc.) in America, do not agree with it then that's their problem, really. The only advice my dad gave me, ont he subject, was something like “Marko, the world is full of idiots. Please don't become one”. And look what I turned up like! LOL, never mind.


  2. K…

    Children do exactly what you said they say things like “my mother drinks all day” . Perhaps when asked at school to draw a picture of their family they draw their mother at the kitchen table with a glass and a bottle of wine. LOL …. but not so funny when social services shows up at your door. Thanks kid !
    My granddaughter and I are very bonded she lived with me for some time and stays with me for long periods of time so I know her very well. I think I can tell when it is a serious question and when she is just being silly. She thought these kids were standing outside drinking and they were just waiting to buy ice cream.
    Nothings perfect, no country no culture no race…
    I think we have reached the end of this topic.


  3. K
    *hings are changing: I personally do not care if someone's partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is of other ethnicity, religion, same gender etc. Why should I?
    My only care however is that if that person wants to live here, said person should respect the way people live here. That means speak the language, adopt cultural norms necessary here, not elsewhere. I will not travel to USA and impose rules on people living in NY just because I am a minority there, why should we accept people who impose their rules on us?

    * One of the problems here in the US is that people come from other countries and then take over areas here, like parts of Brooklyn NY. Then they all live together, speak their native languages. Much like you have there in Narva. We have our own Narva in Brighten Beach, Brooklyn. I often wonder why people even come here if they are not going to as you say learn the language, and the culture of the country they wanted to immigrate to. I had this discussion with an American guy married to an Estonian woman. They live here . He said that it is up to the American person here to be strong and insistent so as to help their spouse become more “American” if not they will just seek out others from their old country to befriend and associate with. Since everyone (with one exception) I know who married someone from another country lives here I am inclined to agree with that. I have seen here how a strong American spouse can be the only one who has the ability to help their “foreign” spouse to mainstream into their new homeland.


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