trotsky berezovsky

10 thoughts on “trotsky berezovsky

  1. So, what do these two guys have in common? Their both Russian? First one was some sort of communist, the other a billionaire from London? They're both dead?
    Am I being ignorant, or is this really just random?


  2. I thought that the Jews were well integrated in Russian society. You think of Russia, you think of Asian dumplings, gypsy music, Jewish humour etc. Is there a strong anti-Semitic sentiment in mainstream Russian press?


  3. There´s a long tradition of antisemitism in Russia that can always be used to blame or denounce someone if necessary. The protocols of the elders of Zion were invented under the Czar. Stalin, at the end of his life, was planning a new purge under an antisemitic pretext. It is true that there are a lot of Jewish influences in Russian culture and some important Russians were Jewish. But Russia is like that, often contradictory.


  4. Theres a rumor that he was strangled with a scarf, but that sounds more like MI5, rather than KGB, the latter is more into poisons and stuff.

    God knows, we probably never get to the bottom of this.


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