black comedy

Just passing this along:

Americans needed for Estonian feature film „Kormoranid“

We are looking for Americans or foreign people looking like Americans who would be interested of participating in a new Estonian feature film „Kormoranid“. The role will be to play companions or follower of an evengelist. No dialogue lines, we just would like you to move around on a stage and play happy Christian people.

The shooting takes place on the 1st of September in Tallinn, in Nokia Concert Hall from 10.30 – 12.30 and 21.00 – 22.30

The film „Kormoranid“ is a black comedy about a rock band which was famous in Estonia in 1970s and they are trying to make come-back nowadays. This is a funny story about the guys who never die of rock´n ´roll even though they are already 50 years old.

The directors are famous and well known Estonian film-makers Andres Maimik and Rain Tolk. They have also made the box office hit „186 kilometers“ („Jan uuspõld läheb Tartusse“).

Our team would be very very thankful if you could come!
If you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible and I will talk about the details.

Eva Kübar
„Kormoranid“ casting
+372 53 820709


12 thoughts on “black comedy”

  1. I was just contacted by the casting director. The time has changed to start at 9:45 tomorrow and continue to 18:00, with presumably unscheduled breaks in between, but otherwise the same place.


  2. Do they provide costumes or are you to bring your own standard american outfit assemblage: white sneakers, tube socks, blue jeans, North-Face fleece, baseball cap, belly pouch, glasses with sunscreen flip-ons, Jansport backpack. An outfit proper for every occasion – from campsite to opera house, from strip bar to church.

    Can you improvise your own lines or do you just have to smile enthusiastically all the time?

    Are overweight body types preferred or does anyone qualify equally?

    How much do they pay?


  3. Piimapukk ütles…

    Can you improvise your own lines or do you just have to smile enthusiastically all the time?

    At least we smile.

    Oh and now we can debate the sincerity of the American smiling ..much better to hand one their change in kroon without ever even looking at the person.
    It always makes my day when I'm there.


  4. I love to be jolted with culture shocks every which way. The more you travel, the more you get zapped. Have that Seinfeldian eye for comedy and you'll never be bored. I know exactly what you are talking about a cashier pretending that you are not there transacting with her. Sure you find it comical as I do. It is hilarious. Provided this comedy is not your everyday life of course.


  5. Well, they don't. It's probably mostly diet, but who knows what else. The older the person is, the easier it is to tell.

    Now if there was only a way to tell a fundamentalist Christian from a distance.


  6. Hmm, I just looked around at my workplace and did not see any of the described looks here. At the same time each and every one of about 200 people working here would say they are americans 🙂
    Sooooooo – I am not sure about those stereotypes at all!


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