A typical day in fascist Estonia

You can read President Ilves’ speech here.


13 thoughts on “A typical day in fascist Estonia”

  1. Does anyone actually know anything more about this Ilves-Jewish thingy?I know that Kesk spread rumours of it prior to the election, that his ancestry is Russian-Jewish, or something … but ..?


  2. <>I know that Kesk spread rumours of it prior to the election, that his ancestry is Russian-Jewish, or something … but ..?<>some people from Kesk apparently considered this as a compromizing factor… true anti-fascists, indeed.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crimean_Karaitesthose Karaites are technically Jewish – they converted to Judaism -, but linguistically Turkish (Nazis didn’t considered them to be jews, for example, dunno what the Israelis think). so it’s hard to tell. anyway, this story of Ilves’ grandmother being a karaite seems to be made up. Ilves, unlike some centrists is not an anti-semite and I think that we can believe what he tells us about his ancestors. “Mu emapoolne suguvõsa on pärit Mulgimaalt, isapoolne Tallinnast. Emapoolne vanaema oli mul Peterburi venelanna, nii et 1/4 voolab minu soontes vene veri.”


  3. Justin,By this tile you must be testing how irony proof the the Russian media is? Nice try.I am sure they’d somehow turn the meaning of this photo on it’s head to show that american imperialists are so clever as to make traitors out of everybody and anybody. Therefore, what you have here is a picture of a bunch of nazis and their jewish collaborators. Message to the puntinjungend: identify and destroy the traitors!Give them free vodka, exctasy tablets and the very same photo as a banner, and let them loose on the Estonian embassy. IT DOES NOT MATTER!


  4. For christ’s sake, Estonia Have had a shit history, being occupied by so manhy other nations, I am sure they were thankful to the soviet union for delivering them for the the Nazis but I dont think they expected to then be occupied by the soviets and lose freedom of speach and have family and friends shipped off to siberia. I dont get why the Russian community wants to stay in Estonia, they have made no attempt to adapt or even learn the language. If Estonia is so bad the fuck of back to Russia, and leave the Estonians to THEIR country. As for moving that dreadful statue – so what. Why should they be reminded of the worst years of their History???? Get a grip and accept Estonia as your country and try and be a part of it. If I were Estonian I would knock down your vile Nevsky Cathederal too!!! How can Estonia be Fascist. You Russians really are Fuckwits and I am sorry to say that is the opinion of most of the western world. PS I am not Estonian.


  5. @Hugh

    Im sure you're the perfect representative for the “Western” world and the best conveyor of their attitudes regarding Russia. Your command of the English language seems to be worse than some Vietnamese child laborer's. Go choke on a pinecone you illiterate fascist piece of shit. Who gives a damn if you're Estonian or not, your comment still seems like the primitive and childish ramblings of some teenaged shit from the Eastern Block who can't cope with the fact that no one takes a genuine liking to the ex-comunist shithole their from.


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